Here are a few of my get up in the morning on the grey days and smile quotesWe each, in every way, are adding to the magic celebration of life and our world.

We all need to know how amazing we are, we really do, deep down under all those life layers that we are so successful at gently covering ourselves with along the way.  

Those beautiful blankets of truth that we don’t want to face, but we love, because they are cosy, where the fear monkeys snuggle up, keeping themselves eternally warm. 

Or that layer of freshly washed, hung on the line and ironed white sheets. Pristine, crisp and perfect until we decide to put them out for the washing.  It is those luxurious feather duvets that cosy us up so we don’t need to ever walk out in to the cold place of reality and feel the fears.  

This for me is about remembering who you are at your core. It is about knowing that under all these layers you are the bestest, most amazing person. To learn to appreciate you are as individual as a snowflake in all your incredible beauty…. so sparkle, let the World see how precious you are.

This never fails to make me giggle a lot. It is a sweet little reminder to me and my friends that laughing, on the bluer days, when we are feeling ever so slightly smothered with the humdrum busyness of life is very good for the soul.  

Approaching life’s big process, the eternal humdrum of functionality and the crazy hamster wheel of our wonderful life is best served up from the authentic inner you. 
Appreciating of all our nuances, our foibles and personality gorgeousness of who we really are, allows us to see the aspects of our mind, body and spirit of our individuality. This is what we bring to the feasting table that is the awesome life of ours.  
OK…so sometimes my life resembles a very long, busy row of spinning plates all balancing precariously on long spindly sticks. 

The plates momentum has that chemical attraction to those merry folk aka the fear monkeys.  And they want, so badly to mess with your spinning plates and bring them down. This fear equals the worst case scenario, the horror of lacking control, the plates all crashing to the floor and a life that comes tumbling down. 

So… there are times in our life where our knickers get in an almighty twist. We spend an exhaustive amount of time running from one small skinny pillar to bendy little post attempting to keep all the plates perfectly moving in sync. It is tiring, it is not great for your health and you become a stress head monkey. 

So is trying to control every aspect of your life helpful? Is there justifiable relief at being a little more casual and letting control go? Can you trust that by allowing one or more of our life spinning plates to fall to the floor in pieces, that life would be so bad? Can we give ourselves permission to believe that the plates could instead, gently come to a natural gentle halt on their axis?  And life does continue not matter what the plates are up to, fearlessly ‘letting go of control’ is immensely empowering … and it allows you more importantly to breathe

With love Natasha