EP 25 – Dads, Narcissism & Father’s Day

This week I am chatting to ‘Pete’ from DadvocateUK, a Dad of 2, escaped from a narcissist and living a happy life with his soul mate. We talk about Dads, narcissism that happens with co-parenting and Father’s Day with ‘Pete’ sharing his three top tips on co-parenting with a narcissist, and why he started DadvocateUK. A place for discussing, promoting and supporting all things ‘dad’ in love, life, parenting, marriage and divorce plus everything in between and afterwards.


Pete also says that if you don’t get to see your kids don’t worry. It doesn’t jeopardise the bond you have with them or the love you have with them. One thing he learnt is that not seeing your kids will not break the bond you have with them or the love they have for you. Have confidence in that. 

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