EP 20 – Divorce & Why Money Mindset Matters

Tosh chats to Martine Louis a Money Coach who helps women entrepreneurs and organizations to transform their relationship with money to develop a successful and sustainable business.

Main learnings:

  • How money mindset affects you through life and specifically divorce
  • What the archetypes are that influence your relationship with money
  • How to recognise the archetypes and how they work
  • What happens to you and money when you begin to look at where your money mindset comes from

Backed by over 35 years experience in finance – retail, business, private and international banking – Martine has added a philosophical and spiritual dimension to her practice as an asset manager gained through her studies, Asian philosophies and interest in psychology and specifically the work of Carl Jung.

Having made a choice to join her companion in the UK and leave the comfort of her executive management position and financial security she found for the first time in her life she was without pay and income. Through this experience, deliberately chosen she faced the fear of ‘lack’. She felt insecure, lost her confidence and sense of purpose in life. She discovered Money Coaching which literally transformed her life.

Martine’s visionary mind is a little rebellious – love a bit of this!! And she is riding the wave of the new economy to share her knowledge, techniques and unique process she developed, to bring entrepreneurs and organizations with insights and profound changes, as well as transforming their relationship with money.

Martine now explores the fundamental themes of the relationship that everyone has with money, passing all her knowledge and experience to the people she coaches.

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