EP 21 – Divorce & Overcoming Financial Planning Fear Monkeys

This week I am chatting to the lovely Ceri Griffiths, a Chartered Financial Planner about the necessity of good financial planning through a divorce. Finance in divorce can be an area of concern, fear and anxiety and Ceri and I chat through the following areas in this episode:

So get a pen and paper ready for:

  • What a financial planner does exactly
  • 3 practical things financially can those getting a divorce do?
  • Family home dilemmas – sell or not to sell?
  • Overlooked financial areas when divorcing

If you are lacking in confidence and experience in finance, or lack understanding and perspective on the true value of marital assets Ceri has created an approach that firmly addresses this.

I wish I had met Ceri years ago when I needed clear ‘savvy’ financial advice at the start of the process to feel more confident through and beyond my divorce… All the more reason I am so happy to share this kind, thoughtful and well-qualified lady with you all today!

Find Ceri:

LinkedIn: Ceri Griffiths

Website: Willowbrook Financial Planning

Podcast Transcript