Coaching and Mentoring

If you are looking for strength and confidence, courage and happiness through and beyond your divorce and not sure what to do or which way to turn, who to trust and who not to burden and would like an experienced divorce coach and mentor


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Coaching & Mentoring


If you are looking for strength and confidence, courage and happiness through and beyond your divorce and not sure what to do or which way to turn, who to trust and who not to burden and would like an experienced coach and mentor to support you to:

  • negotiate your way through the emotions of the divorce process
  • learn to communicate calmly, constructively and peacefully with your Ex
  • grow your confidence, self-worth and feel more in control of your separation and divorce
  • manage your stress and anxiety levels, let go of negative emotions and work through unhelpful blocks
  • co-parent successfully to minimise your children’s stress and have two happier households
  • build the foundations for your future life, create an income and live your best life
  • successfully heal held negative emotions so you can ditch the baggage move on and find love again

There are lawyers, financial advisors and mediators out there ready to support you through the divorce process, they are all needed. A divorce coach and mentor is there to guide and support you through the big emotional and mental rollercoaster that happens going through this process so you are able to…

  • prepare emotionally and mentally for difficult meetings
  • re-learn how to communicate effectively and with less conflict with your Ex
  • co-parent with more understanding and kindness reducing the emotional and mental fall out on your children
  • work through the blocks, challenges and difficulties of your new life – such as living, working, dating and confidence

And many more…

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1-1 Coaching & Mentoring

Are you…

  • Going through separation, divorce or are you married and perhaps thinking about it?
  • Living in a world of pain and confusion, feeling frazzled from juggling the never-ending demands of separation or divorce life?
  • Functioning, surviving in breakup overwhelm whilst your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing falls to the bottom of your to-do list?

Do you…

  • Start the week with good intentions to move forward with your divorce, have more purpose and positivity in your life, and feeling a sense of failure when it doesn’t happen? So you feel stuck in the cycle of pain and anger, heartbreak?
  • Fall into bed with exhaustion at the end of the day, only to lie awake fretting about the week ahead, wondering when it is all going to end?
  • Know how you can effectively prepare for meetings, get through court appearances and manage divorce paperwork and feel less anxiety through it all?
  • Dread seeing your Ex, are nervous about how any communication face to face, over emails or messages is going to play out, and wish it could be easier?

 Would you…

  • Give anything to create a clear action plan to move forward with purpose through your separation, divorce and beyond?
  • Like to increase your self-worth and feel more empowered to be able to better manage, navigate through and survive the process with less damage to your children?
  • Like guidance to effectively manage emotional divorce hotspots such as communicating with your Ex, managing two homes, financial decisions and co-parenting for calmer, more workable and peaceful solutions?
  • Feel more confident with help and support to prepare and assist you in meetings so you are best able to achieve a desired and agreeable outcome?

If this is something that speaks to you, I am here to help. I have a range of help tailored to divorcees looking for the extra – so your life isn’t defined by your divorce. 

Over the years Tosh has provided me with a wealth of advice and strategies on how best to cope post break up and during divorce. 

To fully grasp and work with the painful experience of divorce so it doesn’t define the rest of your life there are emotional and mental processes you go through in parallel. Knowing the legal and financial processes is not enough, there are emotional ones to be aware of too. If you would like to sleep better, have more clarity and manage difficult emotions like anger, grief and depression and adjust to a new life as a single, independent and stronger person. Please have a look at the clear, divorce changing and easy to navigate courses available here and the Help section.  

I am stubborn, of that there is no doubt! I never realised just how useful it was to be stubborn until I separated and went through divorce. Not the get your war pants on but instead a conscious decision to have a divorce as free of pain as possible. I was a child of divorced parents I had back story experience and lessons.

If you are ready to commit to

A conscious positive intention to have a divorce that works for you, your Ex and your family
Filling your divorce jar with love, hope and joy rather than bitterness, anger and emotional baggage
Take a leap of faith, put some time and effort into learning processes and tools to help you have your best divorce
And learn a new way to live, love with an open heart and use the valuable life lessons you have learnt along the way

Stronger and Happier Through Divorce Free 7 Day Challenge

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