Divorce Support Call

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Divorce Support Call

With the Divorce Support Call I offer you a non-judgemental and kind space to listen, to support and guide you with tools and strategies in areas that include:

  • Co-parenting that works for your children, you and your ex
  • Choosing a lawyer, preparing for and attending meetings and how to make mediation work for you
  • Communicating and managing expectations of your Ex moving forward
  • How to best look after your emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Moving from one home to two homes
  • Managing your fears and anxiety about the future including:
    • money and finances – how to adjust and survive
    • feeling happier, confident and thriving
    • meeting new people and finding love again
    • workplace confidence and how to have those conversations

This call can be general or on a specific area in your divorce that wakes you at 4am, triggers you and keeps you in a place of pain, frustration or anger. It is with someone who isn’t emotionally attached or judging you. Who is passionate about getting you back on the right path, there to help you take control of what is challenging or painful and give you proven strategies and tools to support you.

On this call I will help you:

  • Get clear on your position
  • Identify a simple, effective course of action designed to help you move forward
  • Give you tools and strategies to help you manage hurt and anger, frustration and more

You will also get a written emailed report for you to refer back to *

Coaching and mentoring helps you to see a clearer way through the scary unknown and support you as begin to move forward. Even one session can be enough to help you with boundaries, communicate and gain confidence. 

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*I am not a lawyer or financial adviser so if you have specific legal or financial questions I can refer you to one of my contacts.



…women will help each other and Tosh is proof of this, her words of truth and wisdom will help anyone in times of need

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