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Divorce Goddess® was my kitchen table, single mum moment. Alone, emotionally wrung out and too tired to fight, scared, rock-bottom self-worth, no idea how I would cope, be strong enough to keep it all going, successfully co-parent my children, be okay financially AND find future love? And breathe…



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About Divorce Goddess®


Divorce is scary, unpredictable and stressful – if you are there you will know. “Run for the hills” said our friends and family, they expected a big fight… they weren’t getting it. I decided to do it differently. Why? I did not want my divorce to define the rest of my life. I did not want to look back or carry divorce emotional baggage with me into my next chapter and for my children to carry our stuff too.

I am a mum and a divorcee, blogger and divorce mentor and coach. I have written my blog Divorce Goddess® for nearly 4 years, it has been random at times depending on how busy life is. Am justly proud I clocked over 90k views on it, so something must be resonating. I have a book in progress which I hope will bring a smile as well as help to lots of big hearted women and men going through divorce. Divorce Goddess® and I have been featured on TV, radio and podcasts, Sunday papers and a magazine or two.


Divorce Goddess® is about getting you sorted out on every level – physically and mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Here is some personal stuff about me…

♥   Being on the beach in all weathers, on a board in the sea or on snow is cathartic

♥   I love teaching children and teenagers mindfulness to support their mental wellbeing

♥   I spent my 20s travelling the world. I pitched multi-million dollar contracts to royalty and heads of state – nothing scares me now

♥   I have volunteered as a mindfulness coach and therapist at the Fountain Centre at St Lukes Cancer Hospital in Surrey

♥ I am a mindfulness consultant for a series of children’s books

♥   I have taught mindfulness to hundreds of adults, teenagers and children helping them live a calmer, less stressed and anxious life

♥   My WHY is my two amazing teenagers


I am stubborn – I never realised just how useful it was to be stubborn until I separated and went through divorce. Not the ‘get your war pants on’ but instead a conscious decision to have a divorce free of anger and battles. I am a child of divorced parents I have back story experience and lessons.

I committed to filling my divorce jar with love, hope and joy rather than bitterness, anger and emotional baggage. I took a leap of faith, worked and studied hard to learn processes and tools to help me have a good divorce. I learnt a whole load of valuable life lessons along the way.

Divorce and the 2008 world recession hit at the same time. With a few pounds left in my bank account, I picked myself up, built and have continued to grow my mentoring and coaching business from ground level.  From feeling fearful and vulnerable to:

  • a confident working mum of two teenagers
  • successfully going through mediation
  • a qualified mindfulness teacher
  • being a featured blogger
  • writing my book
  • starting the Divorce Goddess® podcast

My Journey

Tosh is a qualified mindfulness teacher and coach, Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Colour Healer and has worked with clients helping and supporting them through separation, divorce and beyond. She has run coaching programmes, guided retreats and run workshops online and 1-1. She is a successful blogger, inspirational speaker and has appeared on TV and radio talking about her blog and divorce. She is a member of the British Complimentary Medical Association and the Association of Energy Therapists. 


Continuing to Learn

I am mentored, coached and inspired by some wonderful people. In no particular order they are Caroline Cousins and Mark Campion, Shamash Alidina and Ruth Kudzi. All of the following people I would recommend for more inspiration Marianne Williamson, Brene Brown, Eckhart Tolle, Matt Kahn, Gabby Bernstein, Tony Robbins and Marie Forleo. Life is a continual learning process, thank goodness – it would be dull otherwise…


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