I am so totally happy that my Blog is tickety boo once again…. now we are both ready to rock and roll with the Easter Holidays, happiness positively just oozing out.  

The gorgeous Head Damsel from Damsels came to my rescue, with the power and patience of sisterhood, she has popped the very excited me back on the blogging super highway.

So after all our servicing and time out, the Blog and I are feeling like it is a great time to check your own internal positivity meter. 

Its about giving yourself time to say hello to your gorgeous inner child and celebrate the beginning of all things new, Spring like and not forgetting the abundance of fantastical amazeful chocolate … everywhere….so can’t wait until Easter ….

Make space in your life for laughter with your children, your friends and family.  The important, supporting and patient people in your life that you know are 100% there for you during your journey.  

HUG these wonderful people, really hug them and understand the benefits that come with the power of touch and connection.  Tell these wonderful people how much you love and care for them.

Make SPACE for the incredible YOU! Walk, meditate, read and believe that the sky is not going to fall in because you take time out for yourself.  Celebrate your beauty, the compassion in your big amazing heart and your valuable, important place within this wonder World community.

Have gratitude for your Life and start to really live your life. 

Make changes, positive changes on whichever path your intuition guides you and trust that this is all the good stuff that gives this life of ours awesomeness in every way. 

Courage, courage, courage.

With love X