Hi, my name is Tosh, Founder of Divorce Goddess®


I am a leading coach specialising in transforming the divorce and separation experience through the use of mindfulness.



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Welcome to Divorce Goddess®

It is no wonder that divorce continues to be seen by society as a negative life experience. Rarely do we talk or speak of the resilience that is grown or the strength that is found, the life lessons learnt and confidence rediscovered. 

Divorce Goddess® is where you find yourself, realise you can once again feel empowered and that you are brave (even if you don’t always feel it – you are human). By committing to emotional, mental and physical self-care, you are investing in yourself through your divorce; you grow your self-esteem; become more fearless, kinder and compassionate.

Then it is no coincidence… 

….that you have found this page, you have come to the right place. I believe we find the resources and people to help us when we most need them, something jumped out or spoke to you – trust this, in all the millions of sites on divorce you have arrived here. There is a reason…

We’ve all met divorcees who are still bitter and angry about their divorce or break up years on, still holding on to anger, bitterness and guilt.


Do you want YOUR life to be defined by your divorce? If the answer is no then…

  • Are you ready to do some personal work?
  • Are you willing to feel uncomfortable?
  • Are you prepared to do, see and have a divorce that is different?

You may not be able to control how your Ex-partner is behaving, however you do have a choice about:

  • how YOU think
  • what YOU say
  • how YOU act 

There is a reason you have found this site, perhaps there is something inside of you that wants to believe your breakup and divorce can be different. I urge you to hold that thought, this is where it begins…

It is not too late to change things or to make improvements. If you have the courage and strength to change your mindset and actions to feel more empowered through your divorce, it is possible that you can live with less stress, more peace and a happier life through and beyond this time. 

I am passionate about supporting my clients and group to make wiser, more conscious choices to live a life with less divorce baggage.  Sounds too good to be true? Book in a call with me and let’s have a chat.

“Thank you so much for earlier… tough times ahead, but I have a plan and I am going to be a gentleman about the separation”

Or if you are looking for tools, courses and guidance to help you minimise the pain of break-up and divorce, have a look around the site, read my blog, plus don’t forget to download my 5 Steps to a Kinder Divorce workbook if you’re not sure where to begin.


utterly heartbroken

in denial

dazed and confused

paralized by fear

overwhelmed with grief

filled with anger

overcome with guilt

and you are looking for








And are ready to transform
your divorce from

angry to hopeful

sad to happier

disempowered to strong

resentful to accepting

painful to healed

hating to compassionate


“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” ~ Winston Churchill


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