Saturday, 4 October 2014

A Big Lovely Thank You to All my Readers

I am just the most excited person... I have found 'time' .again and have started writing my blog .... 

Our extraordinary lives can and without reason, throw so many unexpected fastballs at us that we just sometimes find ourselves inexplicably out of our 24 hours. There is no time to be really doing anything we love, that helps heal us and keeps our weary little heads bobbing above the blustery seas that very often can be our lives. 

The realization that even a small amount of this most precious time, in our crazy fast world is about giving ourselves permission ....  to have a little fun.  This allowance can be the antidote to those head monkey feelings of unworthiness.  We are all worthy of time for our incredible selves.  To finding that place, where time is for you and you only is cathartic, medicinal and without doubt so important, if indeed any one of us are to continue at the pace we do.  Pausing, breathing and being in the present even for ten minutes every day is the clear wake up validation that we all need head space....

So a huge thank you to all my loyal, lovely readers for your continued support during this less productive time. 

I am incredibly humbled that so many of you read my blog, from countries all over the world that are peaceful, in the midst of conflict and are fragile. You inspire me to write, to share my thoughts and experiences and I thank you.  

I am recharged, excited and inspired...

Remember ....

With love Natasha x

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