Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Power in Forgiving Yourself

Self-forgiveness is really hard.  Within our lives, there are so many pressures to succeed, stay strong and maintain self worth. And these feelings have the ability, at any given moment, to sneak up and without warning, consume your mind, body and spirit.  

Being kind and forgiving yourself a little more through separation or divorce is weighty and sometimes an unexpected task now added to your perhaps List of Forgiveness jobs.

However, self-forgiveness does exist in all of our hearts. Why, because we all know that as with self-love, it is a good idea to start with our good selves first. How are we ever going to learn to forgive anyone else, until the blatant blaze of scary rawness within us is soothed, understood, given time and due process to be still and calm?

We have become so very proficient at layering up the proverbial guilt ridden and genius moments of indulgence.  Perhaps with unhelpful foods, smoking, drinking, feeling the big resentment, hurt, shame or anger... 

We already know that we will not disappoint the fear monkeys who sit on our shoulders waving that cupcake with a knowing nod to our guilt laden scales.  

Or the eternally optimistic ego, co-existing quietly and darkly with the head primates during our daylight hours. So why is it so hard to extend love and self-forgiveness to our good, loving and trusting hearts? Why can we not boost our sometimes lonely little battered spirit along its way? 

We can begin to understand the difference to our lives, by choosing, one day at a time not to beat ourselves up over the many sometimes, inexplicable life decisions. 

So is this the prescriptive daily judgement of being human which should govern our lives? Why do we do it?  Can we not just let the baton of self-flagellation be still for just one day, a week or possibly for ever?

Can we be the most focused, self-supporting and gorgeously forgiving gift to ourselves, especially during times of sadness, hardship and confusion?  Do we begin to allow this positivity of feeling to make the difference and become the AMAZING start to any day? 

Forgiving yourself is one of the most important steps in making peace with your life. Its about understanding you are a wonderfully loving human being.  It is all the happiness you can be and your amazing contribution of beautiful energy into the World around you.  

It could also be, that once in a while a little cake helps ....
With love Natasha


  1. Very inspiring blog post! I really enjoyed reading. Yes it's very hard to forgive yourself after committing against your own will or self believe. So after reading this post I truly feeling encouraging to share the information with others.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments and share away please, thank you!


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