Monday, 7 April 2014

Married or Divorced - Why Kissing is so Important

"To hold a woman close and kiss her lips is a wasted moment, if one does not in that moment of the kiss taste her spirit and commune with her soul with a deepness that only a true love can know" George Scrase

Do we all KISS enough? Do we have time or indeed make time to kiss the one we love with total heart felt love?  Is kissing a portal of entry into a loved one's or indeed anyone's heart and soul?

Kisses start when we are young.  They are the safety net of love. They are bestowed with the smell of your Mum's favorite scent or the brush of your Dad's prickly stubble on your cheek as they kiss you hello or goodbye or just because you are loved.... 

Kisses come from love, from our good beating hearts and they are the demonstration of a beautiful, bare soul intent.

We really, really want kisses to be there for us when we hurt ourselves. They make everything better, they are the antidote to pain and the panacea for all upset that can be thrown up into our day to day lives. 

Kisses are there to help each other feel immeasurably better, to relieve pain and to know we are loved in that melty, fuzzy and warm kind of way.

So then what happens? What happens after a few years in a relationship or marriage?  Do we all still feel the need to indulge ourselves in that moment of abandonment of connection, with the dreamy breath on the cheek and that real knowing of the person you are kissing

Or heaven forbid does that soulless perfunctory peck start to rule the legendary Kissing Tree... 

Do we sneak a little tonsil hockey in between cooking supper, fielding children traipsing through the kitchen searching for pencils for homework and managing day to day maintenance of our lives .... Or do we just temporarily forget how good it is to kiss each other, to explore and know what it feels like again to really kiss the person you love, truly and unconditionally with your gorgeous heart.

If it is, that there is the tiniest chance that you may have forgotten the art of the soulful connection that is kissing. Begin to kiss each other again. Start to explore all the forgotten, less visited ground that melts you both at first base. Enjoy the simplicity and connectivity kissing gives, undaunted in the knowledge that it can make you feel oh so much better

At my wedding 18 years ago, my Ex and I, full of excitement, joy and endless future possibilities took to the dance floor to the wonderful Louis Armstrong's A Kiss to Build a Dream On and celebrated the first time we kissed which led to hope, love and future blossoming of our lives together. 

Kissing is the cool, feel good stuff that is heart warming and tummy tingling ....   

So I am slightly at a loss as to why the French group GRUBUB (Group for the Rehabilitation of the Single Kiss) in the Northern French Town Brest Wants to Reduce Kisses to ONE!!! Quelle horreur .... whereas Paris, other parts and the sunny South are happy to continue with 2 or 3, 4 or 5 ....  

So this kissing business...

Whether it is with a new or old partner, your husband or your wife. This is the stuff that brings a smile to your lips, puts a little of the light fantastic into your eyes and the flush of a rose tint into the apples of your cheeks.... and does it leave you desiring more ?

With love Natasha x

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