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How Reiki Helped me Through my Divorce

Divorce and separation as many of us will know takes us up to those peaks of stress in the mountain ranges that house the really big scaries such as death, moving house and life threatening diseases.

It is during these times that we really need to remember to look after our minds, bodies and spirits. We all know this, however dealing with and organising self-care, in the big grand scheme of traumatic relationship breakdowns is sometimes, well just slightly further down the list of to do’s. 

So we forget to help ourselves and that is when our stress levels ramp up, leaving us existing on, well, not very much.

So I wanted to tell you all about Reiki, this amazing stress busting tool which helped me, my children and Ex enormously through our separation and divorce.

Reiki is a form of healing rediscovered in ancient Tibetan Buddhist texts by a Japanese minister in the late 19th Century. Pronounced “ray-kee” the term in Japanese means “universal life force energy”. Rei means universal power and essence and Ki means vital life force energy and is the equivalent of Chinese Chi or Indian Prana.

I love Reiki, so I completed a Reiki course in the Middle East about six years ago and I have found Reiki has had a profound effect on my well-being and health. Reiki rebalances, relaxes and renews your internal energy system. 

It is this sort of help that I needed when I began my divorce journey over 18 months ago. I had not really hung out with my Reiki since my training until I rediscovered it one day whilst going through the very sad and painful process of dividing up our worldly chattels.  This piece of paper literally fell out of a book and landed at my feet, I picked it up, unfolded it and these were the words I read:

The 5 Principles of Reiki:  Just for today, I will let go of anger
                                                Just for today, I will let go of worry
                                                Today, I will count my many blessings
                                                Today, I will do my work honestly
                                                Today, I will be kind to every living creature     Dr Mikao Usui

And I sat on the floor, holding these incredible, resonating and beautiful words and I cried. I cried a lot and I felt as I cried these tears, that I was releasing so many fears and letting go of ‘stuff’ that I was carrying around with me. Yes I so wanted to let go of anger, worry and I really wanted to be kind to everyone whilst going through my divorce.  I was so tired of hurting and being so fearful, full of sadness and grief.

So what was I doing NOT giving myself Reiki?

In the very action of giving oneself Reiki I was acknowledging my worth as a kind, loving and respectful person.  Giving Reiki to myself was the most fantastic step in helping me feel calmer, more in control and empowered to let go of some of the ‘stuff’ I was holding on to.

Children and Reiki

My children also totally love Reiki and are amazingly receptive to it. If they are feeling upset, worried or they have aches and pains I am able to use Reiki to help them.  This is a most gorgeous gift a parent can give their children. It is incredibly bonding and stabilising as well for your children to know you can help them in other ways to feel less anxious.

Get Trained Yourself...

Reiki is a great stress buster... The treatment is relaxing, calming and the wonderful training I was given has been invaluable during the last 18 months. If you can, try to find a local Reiki teacher, get yourself on a Reiki course and learn too. There are so many courses now around the country being held during the week and at weekends.

You then get to help all those beautiful people around you feel great.  Or, if YOU just want a relaxing yet life energising treatment, find a therapist close by – Reiki always makes me feel wonderfully sleepy. Having a Reiki trained practitioner help to ease away worries and stress aches and pains connected to your divorce….why would you not?  

With love Natasha

This was published as a guest blog for The Divorce Magazine with grateful thanks...


  1. Thank you for this great article. Where else could anybody get that type of info about Reiki in such an ideal means of writing? I am a keen learner of astrology techniques and so i used to search all the web for the related items. Basically i also write about crystal therapy and Reiki healing techniques.

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  2. Thanks for your lovely comments, I have read your article and you expand the whole subject of Reiki beautifully. With light x

  3. I googled Reiki and Divorce and your page came up. Thank you for writing it! My husband and I separated a few weeks ago, and the emotional roller coaster has been draining to say the least.
    I also took Reiki classes in the past, and can't quite understand why I haven't been giving myself treatments. Knowing there are others in the same path, that have faced the same challenges makes me feel less lonely. Blessings to you!

  4. Thank you for your lovely positive comment. I am so happy you have found Reiki at such an important transitional time in your life and I know it will help and support you face the challenges that a separation and divorce brings. Please have a look at my other blog posts as they cover many aspects of separation and divorce that I hope will help you in your journey...With light Natasha

  5. Well said! It also has some traditional exercises to increase the power and flow of it.You will be very grateful after doing reiki regularly

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  7. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and for your kind words.

  8. Very interesting and also true about Reiki. Reiki is as a holistic healing practice often called “hands-on-healing,” because as a practitioner, we often use light touch to facilitate the treatment.
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    1. Lets share all that beautiful Reiki light! Thank you for your comment.

  9. Thanks for sharing the useful information. It was really amazing.
    with regards
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