Monday, 24 February 2014

Does this Divorcee find love in Paris??

So did I find love in Paris....

Why of course I did, love is everywhere, but even romantic Paris does not have the exclusivity on LOVE...  it is on every street, in every village, town and city. 

Love is especially everywhere, when separating and divorcing, permeating your every day existence.  

Be it the attachment of grief to love, fear of love or reliance on a now broken love that is especially felt when a marriage breaks down.

We can feel the lack of love in divorce if we choose. We can send any aspect of painful love away with utter, aching and hurting abandon. Then there is a little nudge and we suddenly see a momentary flash which reminds us that true, powerful and wonderful love never ever leaves us.

Be it an elderly couple holding hands, a Mother seeing her child across the road, teenagers in first buds of love, or a couple who reminds you of what you were once part of ....  it is everywhere.

Fighting the fact that love is everywhere, does nothing for the gorgeous, amazing you.  No matter how much the fear monkeys are bouncing around inside your head, or the hope for some semblance of a emotional band aid, freedom from pain and respite for our aching hearts. Rejecting love does not do your beautiful heart justice.

As I began once again to notice the touches of love, I started to embrace future possibilities and trusted I could emerge with as little divorce baggage clouding my outlook, dulling the fantastical horizon of life and all that it still holds. 
I began to recognise that I was worthy of a great love once again and that because I was a divorcee it made not a jot I tell you, of sense in thinking that it would elude my life forever. 
Do not be tempted to put the "never againinto your future. Surround yourself with the sweetness of love, from your family, your friends, your children and the beating of your good heart.

Believe and know in your gorgeous and beautiful hurting heart that it does all exist. It just seems so incredibly scary to recognise that you may be worthy again of being in love.

Paris gave me hope that the big scary EVERYTHING that I have been through still gave me the desire to hold hands in the Tuilerie Gardens, to be kissed in front of the Mona Lisa and lovely arms around me under the Tour Eiffel.

Avec mon amour Natasha x


  1. So the gay divorcee went to Paris!

  2. Fantastically fun, frivolous and with wonderful friends!

  3. Hi Natasha! Love your blog! We all have been through it, whether by divorce or just the break up of a relationship. Yes we are all worthy of love, whether it be by giving it or receiving it. Just knowing that we ARE love is the first step to recovery. Great blog!

    1. Thank you Joy for making me joyous and smiling X


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