Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Trust you are a divorce goddess

Give your heart wings today with a positive thought…
Here’s the thing, we all, no matter what, always need to find our starting blocks somewhere and during SEPARATION and DIVORCE you really need those particular starting blocks to be the especially HELPFUL, strong and GENTLE ones. 

Pull it out of the bag
You have family, friends and networks of those that can support you, however YOU my gorgeous Goddess, are the one who has to pull it out of the bag and get your LOVING self off those blocks.  If you are fortunate you may have someone blowing a whistle to get you off those blocks faster than perhaps you would like, but you need that STRENGTH to start running…. 

Be it a sunny Monday, rainy Friday or mid-week wonderful Wednesday, in any process of rebuilding, loving and FORGIVENESS, it’s the approach, the beginning and the HOW…. it’s about the controllability of the crazy, the freakin’, the gut twisting hell fears, EMOTIONS of anger, grief and guilt on top of everything else you are having to deal with and think about. 
Inner truth
The LIFE knowledge we have gained about how we LOVE is our wonderful inner TRUTH and this is our foundation of growth, for our wonderful life ahead and with it all the incredible possibilities that appear through positivity.  We Goddesses need to ACKNOWLEDGE all we are going through, been through and have learnt during the dating days and our marriages.  

Using all this experience helps and positively cements our future LIFE foundations, these experiences bound with the gentle, good, smiley and tummy warming stuff. 
Begin remembering all the funny, good and NURTURING experiences we and our X’s shared and lay them gently into our future foundations, these are the experiences that have helped shaped us in our BEAUTY today.  If you have children this is especially important. 

I realised that my Children really needed to know that their years with their Mum and Dad as a family unit were WORTHY and important to us and that their place in this World was built on LOVE, kindness and respect.   

Fantastical foundations

So not only are we going to build these fantastical foundations for ourselves dear Goddesses, we are empowering ourselves and our children, so they too will have the confidence to walk out in to the World with unshakeable, good and strong believing hearts. 
You may shake your head, you may disagree, you may be hurting so badly that you feel you cannot breathe and the thought of writing off all these years with someone who has hurt you so much is the only way you can move on!

Create your Gratitude List

So try, breathe, be gentle with your beautiful heart and write your Gratitude List of all the stuff that was and still is positive.  You may need to dig deep, or step through the big scary wardrobe doors into the frozen, sad and Narniaesque place where you and your X may hang out. 

You don’t need to write a negative list, you may for the moment be living within it and as such this sadness, grief and negativity doesn’t need to be given the ‘feed every hour’ time and energy wasting programme.  Really try GORGEOUS one not to give any more of your PRECIOUS hurting time to this place. 
SO it is time to start SHIFTING your thought processes and brilliant brain by focussing on the positive and give your big hearted internal Goddess this GIFT. 

With my love Natasha

Thoughts of the Day

 *Step up to those starting blocks*Remember your happy experiences*Create your Gratitude List*

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