Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hello all you wonderful Divorce Goddesses!


Hey, you have found my Divorce Goddess blog and I welcome you with open, LOVING and generous arms and I give you the most heartfelt, gorgeous hug.  Please stay, read and give yourself permission to know that you are not the only one in this crazy, scary time zone, going through this process.

A GODDESS is, I believe, a female of grace and beauty.  Know that your strength and beauty lies within you.  You are a Goddess and you can SHINE in your brilliance.  It is vitally important for you to acknowledge and respect your authentic truth, your capacity for forgiving and loving. 

Being a Divorce Goddess is all about the innate generosity of spirit, kindness and power emanating from within you.  Know and truly believe this will serve YOU, your CHILDREN and your EX to have a more amicable and less expensive divorce.

One thing we can be absolutely sure of, is that there are lots and lots of other wonderful loving Divorce Goddesses out there in this big incredible World of ours who also want to help humanity and this WORLD become a more loving, CARING and supportive place. We believe and KNOW that all the happiness, LOVE and laughter makes and will continue to make a HUGE difference.  

We are all creators of our own DESTINY and we all have that power and grace within us, because we are Goddesses and we hold all those beautiful KEYS to the really fabulous stuff in life like LOVE and HAPPINESS that exists within us.
I am a single Mumma of two beautiful hearted children, I am a POSITIVE thinker, a divorce mentor and Reiki practitioner.  I have also of course been a Wife, as well as a company director and high-end overseas sales/marketing exec. I have worked and spent time with critically ill people.  I am an explorer, traveller and adventurer.  

I have NEVER been afraid to step out of life’s boundaries and to give it my ALL because my LIFE is worth every single incredible second, of every incredible day. I know that somewhere down the line I can put together something inspirational that I know can HELP all you wonderful people.  

I want to give you tools and thought processes that I have used to help make such a difference to my life in terms of positivity and abundance.  These tools will help you begin to FEEL empowered, back in control and you will know that you CAN find your FUNNY again as I have myself.

I will tell you about my experiences of utter sadness and loneliness, low points of indescribable grief, waterfalls of tears, the appreciation of the SUBLIME, the hilarity of the RIDICULOUS, the truth of POSITIVITY, love, intuition and TRUST that has hoisted me on its fantastical adventurous back and supported me throughout ...

and all this has been served up to me in the most timely fashion at a time in my life which continues to show me how STRONG and RESILIENT I really am.  I don't ever want to lose my SPARKLE and I want to help you keep YOURS.  

With my love Natasha

Today’s Gorgeousness
I so totally LOVE this quote as it gives me the courage and fortitude to know that what I am blogging is important oh and it makes me cry ridiculously big tears when I read it …..

"If we could look into each other's hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us face, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance and care". Marvin J Ashton



  1. Wonderful words of wisdom! Looking forward to the next blog! xx

    1. Thank you Alice you are my star of the day, I can promise lots of GORGEOUSNESS to come. Currently on another learning curve - Blogger STYLING of my page... and of course it will happen like anything else! Xxx


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